The Influence of Technology on Pop Culture

With technology becoming more and more advanced in any way possible, it’s easy to see how cultures can be influenced. As it influences everything in our lives, including our opinions on certain subject matters, and people, advertisements, our relationships with fellow human beings, and how we preserve information on a day-to-day basis. In popular culture, […]

Casinos and Gambling in TV Shows and Sitcoms

Through Covid-19 lockdowns, a lot of countries closed down their casinos and gambling establishments to prevent the spread of the virus. This is partly why a lot of players are looking at online possibilities rather than going out. Even just watching TV shows or sitcoms about gambling was a great pastime through the lockdown. You […]

Actors Who Made It Big by Starring in Series or Sitcoms

Now and then, actors are lucky enough to find their big break in the beginning stages of their career. Here we take a look at some actors who started out on the small screen. Leonardo DiCaprio DiCaprio’s first role was as an uncredited role in an episode of Roseanne, in 1991. Later on, he took […]

The Importance of Soundtracks on TV Shows and Series

Soundtracks bring personality to any TV Show or series in a way that imagery and words in the script can’t. In a way, it can make you feel and understand the emotions in the different scenes. Now it’s important to understand the difference between a soundtrack and a score, yes there is a difference. A […]

Most Popular TV Series of All Time

Sometimes newer shows can get watched to an extent where there’s nothing left to watch with some streaming services on providing the latest series. Looking back at some of the golden oldie series that was released some years ago, they can be appreciated once again. Mad Men Created by Matthew Weiner as a period drama […]