Through Covid-19 lockdowns, a lot of countries closed down their casinos and gambling establishments to prevent the spread of the virus. This is partly why a lot of players are looking at online possibilities rather than going out. Even just watching TV shows or sitcoms about gambling was a great pastime through the lockdown. You can even enjoy your favorite online games while watching these great shows.

The Casino

Released in 2004 it was a memorable TV show and is a must-watch for anybody with an interest or love for casinos and gambling. The show revolves around 2 friends, Tom Breitling and Tim Poster, who decided to sell their internet company to get into the business of casinos.

Poker after dark

Poker after dark was released in 2007 and canceled in 2011. And as the name suggests centers around playing casino poker. The show has some great gambling scenes that can’t be missed if gambling is an interest.

Las Vegas

A Comedy-Drama about the difficulties of working at a fictional casino in the Las Vegas strip, including security jobs and how gamblers try to illegally take money from the casino. The show started airing in 2003 and ran up to 5 successful seasons.

Breaking Vegas

This great show started in 2004 and ran for 2 consecutive seasons which were quite intriguing and intense to watch. Las Vegas also focuses on illegal activities taking place by gamblers trying to steal from casinos by using various scams.

How I Met Your Mother

This is not a show that will be thought of when thinking of TV shows or sitcoms involving Casinos or gambling, but the scenes involving Barney Simpson’s gambling problems give all the reason to watch while enjoying your favorite online casino games at

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